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Lisa Pearson Designs is a collection of handcrafted jewelry and home goods for the free spirited. Founded in 2019 by the artistic spirit of Lisa Pearson, Lisa Pearson Designs is synonymous with handmade quality designs.  ​Lisa follows her heart to create designs that foster fun, encourage self-expression and are destined to become jewelry & home faves.​  

From a young age Lisa felt compelled to create - finding inspiration in her experiences, her family and her surroundings. Lisa, a 20+ year accessory, clothing and graphic designer in the corporate world, decided to branch on her own, and thus, Lisa Pearson Designs was born.

In her free time, Lisa along with her husband, Jeff and their two rescue pups, Daphne & Darby love to enjoy the outdoors, by traveling, camping, mountain biking,  and hiking.  They dream of one day living off-grid, raising pygmy goats (with a goat playground) and miniature llamas, and growing a big garden.

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