Teardrop Silk Cord Healing Necklace

Teardrop Silk Cord Healing Necklace


A small, gemstone with a sterling silver or 14K Gold Fill Bead are hand knotted on a thin, silk cord for this minimalist necklace.  These make great gifts! Very lightweight and comfortable to wear. Stone seems to "float" along your neck while the cord disappears into your skin.


Rose Quartz w/Gold Accent bead: Love, Trust, Healing

Pearl with Sterling Silver Accent bead: Protection, Good Luck, Wealth

Amethyst w/Gold Accent Bead:Peach, Truth, Spirituality

Garnet  w/Gold Accent Bead: Joy, Passion, Health

Turitella Jasper w/no accent beadLStrength & Vitality

Turitella Jasper w/Sterling Silver Accent Bead: Strength & Vitality



  • 8mm Semi Precious stone w/Sterling silver or 14K Gold Fill Accent Beads
  • 17" Silk Cord Chain





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