Renew Healing Crystal Bracelet

Renew Healing Crystal Bracelet


Renew Crystal Bracelets with Healing Energy bracelets. These are bracelets that are Set with Intentions and Handcrafted with Healing Crystals. Assisting with love, fertility, luck, abundance, sensuality, love, positivity and spirit, wisdom, and protection to name a few intentions.   **This listing is for ONE Bracelet - Your Choice**


Rose Quartz-Love, Beauty, Happiness, Emotional Healing, Compassion

Aventurine-Opportunity, Wealth, Well-Being, Luck

Citrine-Wealth, Light, Happiness, Brightness, Positive Energy, Clearing

Amethyst-Spirituality, Cleansing, Intuition, Balance, Higher Wisdom

Lapis Lazuli-Wisdom, Clarity, Enlightenment, Vision, Nobility

Labradorite-Magic, Imagination, Conciousness, Protection against Negativity

Moonstone-Destiny, Fertility, Protection

Opal-Love, Faith, Mystical, Creative, Playful

This bracelet is meant for everyday wear and is great stacked with other bracelets. It's strung onto strong waxed hemp cord and is adjustable with a sliding macrame knot. You can wear it daily and is very durable, even when wet! One size fits all as it can be adjusted for comfort. It is made with high quality gemstone crystals. The accented beads are sterling silver or copper.  For customization, please message me. I'd love to be able to create you something special and unique!