Essential Oil Diffuser Lave Bead Necklace

Essential Oil Diffuser Lave Bead Necklace


For centuries lava stones have been used for emotional & spiritual healing- These aromatherapy pendant necklaces are no different! Each necklace is centered with a porous lava stone pendant- not only offering a clean, minimalistic, elegant design that pairs well with any outfit- but creating a functional diffuser for oils/perfumes. 

Diffuser jewelry has longer lasting effects than application to the skin. You can enjoy all the therapeutic benefits of essential oils without having to apply topically and worry about proper dilution ratios. You can also enjoy the scent of your favorite perfume, without having to apply chemicals to your skin. This diffuser necklace not only smells amazing and offers the benefits of inhaling essential oils, but it can be worn with any outfit to add some flare.


Necklace Features a black lava bead hung on twisted silver circle



  • The pendant measures approximately 5/8" long 
  • Length: 20"
  • Available in Sterling Silver

Please allow for natural variations that may occur.